From Esther 10 to Psalm 119 — more fun with Bible statistics!

June 18th, 2010

The Categorization Status page now shows the relative size of each chapter of the bible. Here are some possibly interesting factoids that I found out during this little project:

  • Esther chapter 10 is the shortest chapter in the Bible at 3 verses.
  • Of course, Psalm 119 is the longest chapter, weighing in at a whopping 176 verses.
  • The average number of verses in a chapter of the Bible is about 26 verses.
  • For you statistics geeks, the standard deviation for the number of verses per chapter in the Bible is about 13.5 (That is assuming a normal distribution, which I don’t think is the case. Weibull, maybe…)
  • The book of the Bible with the highest average number of verses per chapter is Luke, at about 48 verses per chapter.
  • On the other end of that scale, Jonah has only 12 verses per chapter.

I did this astoundingly boring bit of database work so that it would be easier to tell at a glance the chapters that are the “low hanging fruit” available for categorization. Getting lots of easy green on the Categorization Status page will help me keep some steady momentum on this project of mine called the Full Spectrum Bible.

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