That’s a Realm of a different color.

May 18th, 2009

It took me almost four years to change my mind about this, and though I have made peace with the new arrangement it will still take time for me to get used to it. I speak of course of my decision to swap the color assignments of Nature and Market. Ever since summer of 2005 back at the home site, the Realm of the Market has been green and the Realm of Nature (originally called “Creation”) was orange. Something in the back of my head was always asking me why it was this way and vice versa, and I always answered that something with two reasons:

  • In America, the color green is associated with money, so why not?
  • I find the modern environmental movement obnoxious, so I was reluctant to give them their color of choice.

In the end, my reasons were based on my whims and predilections, without any other basis. This is silly, so the justification for the color swap are now as follows:

  • I believe that the United States dollar will sometime soon be collapsing like a house of cards. Since “greenback” will soon once again be a term of derision, the Realm of the Market will be given instead the color of fire, which may be more appropriate considering the power and destructiveness of that “Element”.
  • Seriously, it only makes sense that the Realm of Nature shold be represented by the color that can be seen almost everywhere outside of the limits of any city. So you greenies can have your precious color, though I still think that your ideas about evolution and human-caused climate change foisted upon the minds of a fallen human race are highly preposterous hoaxes.

That is all. (And really, it’s not much.)

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