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Genesis 1 is categorized.

April 18th, 2009

The first full chapter of the Full Spectrum Bible has been categorized, and it is appropriately the first chapter of the Bible.

While I was categorizing this chapter, I noticed something that I think is there. It looks like the three persons of the Trinity are explicitly present (if only implicitly mentioned) on each day of creation. On just about every day of the earth’s creation, there are three statements concerning God:

  1. a command,
  2. an execution of the command,
  3. and a naming of what has been created and/or a statement of the goodness of that which has been created.

These things correspond with what scripture tells us about the differing roles of the three persons of the Godhead:

  1. the Father initiates the will of God,
  2. the Son implements the will of God,
  3. and the Spirit communicates the will of God.

This may be something that scholars of scripture figured out a long time ago, but I just found it and think it is fascinating.

P.S. — Since this site is about color coding the words of Scripture according to a certain scheme, here’s how I indicate the thoughts above in the verses in question:

  1. God the Father is indicated by the “God as Family” coloring,
  2. God the Son is indicated by the “God as Self” coloring, and
  3. God the Spirit is indicated by the “God as Neighbor” coloring.

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